The Beginning

So I thought it would be quite fun to relive how my family started. It seems like me and The Chef have been together for a lifetime when in actual fact, its only been just over 6 years. I think it feels longer because we had such a rough start to our relationship. I’m not going to go into the details but lets just say, he was married before, I had left my eldest daughters dad recently and so it was always going to cause issues.

We met in March/April time of 2009. I had just gone back to work after being on maternity leave and decided to transfer to a different restaurant within the company that I worked for. The Chef of course was working in the kitchen and we just hit it of, he was always friendly, happy, up for a laugh and just a genuinely nice guy. I had my fair share of a**es in the past, but never for a second thought anything would come of me and him. He made the long shifts and the issues I was having with my partner at the time more bearable. We would laugh and joke and just talk about anything and everything.

Then one day I walked into work to discover that he was separated and so I just simply said to him that I was there for him if he ever needed anything. Obviously being a man he said he was fine and so I didn’t push him with the matter. A few weeks passed and we went on a staff night out, we had fun together, danced, laughed, drank and exchanged a couple of kisses 🙂 So that was that we officially became a couple on 25th June 2009 and that’s where things got tough, but here we are married, a daughter together, my eldest daughter now calls him dad ( that’s a whole new blog ) and I have gained 2 amazing step children and a wonderful extended family. We have had many turbulent times where we didn’t think we would make it so it hasnt all been plain sailing, although that being said, I wouldn’t change any aspect of our story so far else we wouldn’t be the couple that we are now 🙂


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