So this weekend I have been quiet on the blogging front as I have been away to London for a hen weekend. It has been 3 days of complete madness and I throughly enjoyed myself. I haven’t laughed so much in ages. We left our hometown of Lincoln on Friday and started to consume our weight in alcohol from half 10 in the morning. We got to Kingcross at around half 1 and went to the hotel to drop our bags off. The hotel was absolutely stunning (Grange City Hotel) the rooms were amazing too.

We wondered down to Covent Gardens for drinks and nibbles and found this little place where we were drinking fizz and had cheese boards, olives and bread baskets. While there I stumbled across the Disney store, so naturally had to go in and get the girls and husband something. Then it was back to the hotel to get ready to go out for a meal and drinks at Grace bar. The food was divine and the atmosphere was wonderful. Unfortunately I had to leave before the rest of the girls as I started to feel a little unwell. Thankfully nothing a good nights sleep couldn’t sort out.

So the next day we are all sat having breakfast catching up on the stories of the night before, before heading off for a pole dancing class. I didn’t take part as I was recently in hospital with a bad back and so didn’t want to do anymore damage to it. Although I did enjoy taking pictures of the rest of the girls. We then went to Oxford Street for some light shopping in Selfridges. It was amazing however I could of easily got lost and very nearly did while looking for the toilets.

We then went for something to eat around the corner from the London Eye. Now that was a fantastic experience and I got some good pictures despite the fog and being petrified of heights. Once we were done it was back to the hotel to casually get ready for the Black & White night. Claire (the hen) didn’t want loads of silly things to wear etc so it was decided she would wear white and the rest of us in black. We had our complimentary drinks at the hotel bar and then onto a hotel across the road from us. It had a brilliant bar with a sky terrace and we really had a fantastic time.

My body is in pieces from laughing so much, all the walking, drinking and wearing heels all weekend, but we have made some great memories together.



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