What a rubbish week

As the title suggests it’s been a rubbish week 😦

I started slimming world on Monday night and fell off the wagon on Tuesday, which really annoyed me, with it being the first day. I had been so good all day until it came to night time and I decided to ram 6 bite sized toffee crisps in my gob!! So I woke on Wednesday morning to a fresh start and did amazing until I began to feel poorly that evening.

I went to work on Thursday morning and was sent home by 1pm because I was that ill. I’m still not great now (Saturday) and ended up at my parents house last night so they could help look after the children because the husband was at work until 10. Hoping whatever it was has passed now and it’s just a stinking cold that I am left with. I’m usually quite good when poorly and just get on with it, but it seems this has put me on my ass and I have to admit that I am not supermum 😦


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