First weigh in 12-10-15

So it was my first weigh in tonight and it goes without saying I was so nervous about getting on the scales. I have been so poorly since the middle of the week with a stomach bug and now a stinking cold.

Monday was a great day in terms of what I ate, up until night time when I decided to stuff my face with chocolate 😦 Tuesday was a brilliant day and I stuck to plan 100% and then it all went down hill from Wednesday, I didn’t even fill in my food diary.

So from Wednesday onwards I barely ate and when I did it was a couple of crackers, a piece of toast etc and drinks wise it was lucozade to try and stop myself from dehydrating. So all in all it was pretty rubbish until Sunday night when I ate my first proper meal, however it wasn’t slimming world friendly to say the least.

However all that said I still went and got weighed and I have lost 5lb in a week!!! I am so pleased with that and intend to stick to plan 100% this week and to get half a stone next week!

I will try and post pictures of what I have throughout the week and any recipes that I use to help inspire some of you!!!


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