Week 2 Slimming World

What started out as a great week on Tuesday and Wednesday, I totally fell of the SW wagon, to the point of, while filling out my food diary, I didn’t even write anything down for Thursday. I was so ashamed of myself for failing in the second week. I had entered the week with such a positive attitude, determined to shift this extra weight, yet that all disappeared and I sat and ate so much rubbish it was unbelievable.

So that was Thursday, Friday wasn’t much better either with another takeaway down the hatch 😦 I had no willpower to turn it down and just thought oh stuff it, seeing as I had already damaged my week. Then comes Saturday and its ” Date Night” with the husband. There wasn’t a chance I was going to deny myself a good rare child free night, so again I stuffed my face in the day, we went to Ask Italian for a meal where I ate Lasagne, drank 2 large glasses of Rose wine and ate a beautiful chocolate dessert with ice-cream.

We then proceeded to meet some friends from work where I drank more, however we did do some dancing so I was hoping that would work off some of the extra syns that I had. Not only did I sabotage myself I continued this through to Sunday where I had McDonald’s, party food etc. Once I added up my syns for Saturday I was at 64 syns and as women we are only supposed to have between 5-15 a day. I actually felt disgusted with myself for going over by that many.

I really didn’t want to face the scales on Monday night but I turned up and faced the music and I am actually really glad that I did as I only gained half a pound which I was so bloody surprised at. It helps to face the scales no matter what you have done within that week. As buring your head in the sand just makes it worse and you don’t know if you have done any damage and what you can do to rectify it.

I am more determined this week as I have this horrible feeling that it may catch up with me if I’m not careful. The only thing I have this week is a close friend of mine gets married at the weekend, however I am going to have a flexible syn day for that as there isn’t a chance that I am going to behave myself with food and drink.


3 thoughts on “Week 2 Slimming World

  1. Blogging through weight loss spurred me on. You can do it 🙂
    The blogging community is fab and supportive. There are a few linkies around including Simslife who does #weightlossWednesday – I joined that every week and on crap weeks got such good support it really helped.
    @mrssavageangel is a fab lady to follow too. She’s lost loads at slimming world 🙂

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      1. Definitely. Quite a few bloggers instagram their meals when they’re on weight loss. I think there’s a slimming world hashtag 🙂
        Bloggers are SO supportive of each other (usually) so don’t worry about boring people 😉

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