Half Term Madness

Its half term for many children this week and while most parents look forward to this time, I am not one of them. I know that sounds horrible but I will explain what I mean.

I love my children dearly and love spending time with them when I am not at work, however the both of them together are an absolute nightmare. They just cant play nicely together for more than 2 minutes. My eldest daughter decides to come up with silly “games” that involve throwing cards, sliding across the hall way, pulling each other off the sofa etc that means I end up becoming a screaming mess because I have told her time and time again to play nicely. She likes to take over games and be the person in charge telling her little sister what to do, which the youngest doesn’t take to kindly to as she is such an independent little madam, and she eill only do what she wants. This in turn makes the eldest start talking over the youngest because she isn’t listening or doing as she is telling her.

A great example of this is while I am sat here writing, the girls get a matching pair game out, its all set up and they are 30 seconds into the game and the eldest decides that playing the game how its suppose to be played isn’t good enough and she wants to throw the cards for the youngest to catch.. I stop what i am doing and tell them both that isn’t a good idea as they will lose cards and then wont be able to play the game any more. They have now decided to play snap instead which is going very well for now.

I just find half term so hard as the girls are at completely different stages in their development and so they just don’t seem to have the ability to play with each other. I struggle as I have previously mentioned in a post to be a natural mum and so I  become consumed with getting my house in order while I have full days and also  my husband doesn’t have time off during school holidays so its just me and the girls at home. I try to set things for them to do but it never lasts more than 5 minutes before they are either arguing or telling me that they are bored of that activity.

Please somebody tell me I am not alone in sometimes thinking I want half term to be over sooner rather than later!!!!


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