Me time…. Non-Exsistant

Does anybody else ever have these amazing plans of having time to themselves and then find that before you know it, it’s gone half 10 at night and all you have done are the jobs you didn’t get done in the day?? Well that’s me!!

I always think to myself, once the girls are in bed and Hubby is working that I will have a lovely candle lit bath, take a book, do a face mask, paint my nails etc, but the actual reality of it is I end up sorting our bedroom out, doing the mopping, polishing furniture, sorting the kitchen.

I sometimes have literally just watched crappy tv or scrolled through Facebook for about 4 hours without realising.

I love my little family and my life, but sometimes I just have moments where I would love some me time to be Natalie, not just mummy, wife and waitress!!


7 thoughts on “Me time…. Non-Exsistant

  1. Sometimes you gotta say sod the housework!

    ….. Says the woman that only gets Me time by going up North to see friends or going to the hairdressers once every 6 weeks or so! Lol.

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      1. Yes and that’s what I hate, that it’s still there tomorrow. I sometimes feel like I am just going round in circles with the housework x


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