Half term rainy day!’ 

Well it’s just bloody typical, October half term and the weather is awful. It’s hard enough to keep the girls entertained, let alone having them hauled up in the flat all day. So it’s been a day of keeping them busy so they don’t drive me up the wall.

We started the day slowly seeing as Hubby wasn’t at work until 12. We put a film on which of course was Halloween themed “Disney Spooky Buddies” That kept the girls quiet and happy for all of about 30 minutes which is standard when they watch a film. We then played a game of Minnie Mouse memory, which I’m not ashamed to say that the girls kicked my ass at. Ava got 13 pairs, Emme got 8 pairs and I got a crappy 3 pairs.

They are now playing schools and of course Emme has to be the school child because that means Ava can boss her around lol.

Surprisingly the girls played lovely right up until lunch time, which was a godsend for me as it meant I could actually make lunch without playing refere to them both. So they are now happily making bead necklaces while I wait for a friend to pop round for a cuppa. All in all I would say it’s been a productive happy morning 🙂



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