…..Ladies of Leisure

Yesterday was a day full of giggles, smiles and some tears, but it was an amazing day. My friend Claire is moving to Australia on Monday and so yesterday was the last time that we could all meet up for an afternoon of ladies. We all met up at 12 in the Cardinals Hat in Lincoln and had a couple of drinks and a sharing platter of meat, cheeses, patè and bread and some nuts and extra bread. It was absolutely amazing food and plenty for the 7 of us

We then decided to move onto the Strait and Narrow which is another pub in Lincoln just up from The Cardinals Hat. While there we were drinking Bellevue and Banana beer. We stayed in there for quite a while and even got free shots!!!

Once we left here we had to go to Walkabout with it being an Ozzy bar where we drank fizz and ate Nachos. It was fantastic day that we all enjoyed and it even carried on back at a friends house, I stayed for one drink and then went home. After 9 hours of drinking I was done and now I have a mini hangover but it was worth it 🙂

Couldn’t of asked to spend the afternoon/evening with better ladies and I really enjoyed myself



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