Sunday = Family Day

Every Sunday my husband has his 2 sons so it’s always a very hectic and energetic day for all of us. We 4 children aged 8,7,6 & 3 it can sometimes be hard to keep them all entertained and playing nicely together. Usually the 6 year old has a football match so it means that we can’t go out for the day, however this weekend he didn’t (yippee)

So with that in mind we decided to go to the Collection Museum in Lincoln. This is free for the family which is great and it has all different exhibitions on. It was an archeological exhibition and all the kids loved it.. And they also had a ghost hunt on, so while looking around we also had to find all 10 of the ghosts (which we managed)

It was then onto Handmade Burger Co for dinner which was lovely, but seeing as that is where both Hubby and I work I knew it would be a great experience.

We then moved onto exploring Lincoln Castle as it was part of Ava-Leigh’s half term homework! It was great value for money, all 6 of us for £31.20 with a free return visit within 6 months! This was a family ticket which is 2 adults and upto 3 children. Emme-Mai gets in for free regardless as she is under 5. All the children loved walking around the castle wall and I even managed to go up to the observatory tower which was a big deal for me as I am scared of heights! We got to see the copy of the Magna Carta and also the Charter of the Forest and watch a short film of how both these historical documents came about. We also explored the prison within the castle too.

All in all it has been a great family Sunday spent together, in the fresh air with a history lesson included!

What do you all like to do on your family days???


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