Busy busy

It’s been back to routine and normality for our house this week. My eldest daughter was back to school after half term, my youngest was back to the childminder and I was back to work! It’s been crazy mad and I’m finding it so hard to get back into the routine of early morning and getting all 3 of us ready for the day ahead.

I’m usually a morning person and have no issues getting up but for some reason I have just wanted to sleep in and not get out of bed. I’m not sure if it’s to do with the dark, cold and foggy mornings but I need to snap out of it and get my ass moving.

It hasn’t helped that at work it’s quite slow and steady so in the day time I’m not as motivated either 😦 it’s the joys of working as a waitress, this time of year trade slows down due to the bad weather and people saving for Christmas too but will then pick up again next month with people having their company Christmas parties and also people coming in for lunch/tea after doing their shopping.

Although the days are slow at work it doesn’t mean they are slow at home. Washing to do, homework, reading etc. Just feels like it never blooming stops sometimes


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