Do people actually still think like this???

After seeing this story I was so shocked that in this day and age that people can still be so narrow minded.

Two dads-One child I read the whole article gob smacked at the reaction of the group of so called mothers and also at how the parents of the adopted children reacted to the calls to boycott the magazine.

Surely as mothers they should look at the fact that these 2 people, regardless of their sexuality or colour of their skin are giving a loving home to not one but four children. Every child who has been in foster care only wants one thing and that’s their forever home with parents who love them unconditionally and can provide a safe and caring environment for them to grow up in.

The reaction of the dad is one that amazes me because he said that he wasn’t shocked by the actual comments it was the fact that it was a group of mothers. But I truly believe he should be shocked by the comments, it’s the 21st century for crying out loud, who cares if a couple of gay white men have adopted 4 African American children. I think it’s really great that they have opened their hearts and home to 4 children who needed love and security


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