A poorly Mummy is still a Mummy!

Who else finds that when you are a mummy being poorly just isn’t allowed?

I haven’t felt great for the last 3 days as I have been suffering with headaches and just generally feeling rather crappy.

I plodding on through work on Tuesday which in itself was a task and I just dosed myself up on tablets all day, as the end of my 5 hour shift approached all I could think about was going home and resting.

But as we all know that thought doesn’t last long when you are a parent and my role as mummy and wife had to continue

I decided to phone work that evening and tell them that I wouldn’t be in on Wednesday as I was still feeling awful and my plan was to just relax and recuperate, however I found myself, hoovering, doing the washing else my house would look like a laundry service by the end of the week, cleaning the bathroom because it has finally occurred to me that my children don’t like the decor in our bathroom and feel it would look much better with toothpaste plastered everywhere like some abstract art.

I find that it is always the case when I am poorly, whether it’s a cold, tummy bug or my depression I just have to keep going because with the job title “parent” you don’t get sick days!!


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