My Cervical Screening Story

It was around November 2012 when I had my first smear test, I was only 24 (turning 25 in the February) I had my youngest daughter in June 2012 and was going to have the coil fitted. While I was there the nurse said they would do a smear test however the lab may not look at it with me not being the right age. I am so thankful that they did look as the results came back abnormal. I was reassured that it could just be that I had given birth 5 months previous, so I wasn’t overly worried. I mean lets be honest, I was only 24 and something like that wouldn’t be happening to me, I was too young. So I waited for my referral to come through and went to my local hospital to have further tests. I had my biopsy done and patiently waited for the results. We were into the new year now so I really wasn’t concerned as I thought if it was anything serious they would of contacted me rather quickly.

The letter came through and I opened it, expecting it to say everything was clear….. How very wrong was I!!!

There in black and white my letter stated that they had found CIN2 and CIN3 cells. I read the letter over and over again trying to make sense of what it all meant. I read the leaflet from cover to cover about 4 times and still couldn’t figure out what they were telling me. I rang my then fiancé in such a mess, crying down the phone, he couldn’t believe it either. I went to pick my eldest daughter up in a complete daze. I had never been so scared in my life. I rang my gp and asked her to explain to me what it all meant. They told me that I had abnormal cells. She put my mind at ease that it isn’t classed as cancer, although the letter did also use the term pre-cancerous cells.

I had to wait around 2 weeks before my treatment which was LLETZ which is a large loop excison. I was so nervous having this done as I had no idea what to expect or what the changes of it working were. The staff at my local hospital were excellent and I had my fiancé in the room with me throughout the procedure. I was given a local anaesthetic so I didn’t really feel anything, just a bit like period cramps really. They did another biopsy on the part of the cervix that was removed and the results showed there wasn’t any cancer!!

I had to go back 6 months later for another smear test which came back normal, then I had another one 6 months after that. I then had one a year later and now I am back to having them every 3 years.

I push all my female friends and family to have their smear tests when they are due and to also go to the go if they notice any unusual bleeding, discharge etc. Nobody likes to have their intimate parts poked and prodded, however it’s 10 minutes of slight discomfort that could possibly save your life!!


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