50 Things that make me happy/smile

This was a post that I decided to write thinking it would be really easy and quick, when in actual fact I did find it difficult

  1. My Children
  2. The smiles from the girls first thing in the morning
  3. Being at the seaside
  4. At least 2 bottles of bleach in the flat
  5. Coffee (lots of)
  6. Spending time with my family
  7. Bubble Baths
  8. Summertime
  9. Music
  10. Romantic Films
  11. Getting lost in a book
  12. Being in the middle of nowhere
  13. Payday
  14. Long Cuddles
  15. Messages from friends
  16. Candles
  17. Last minute nights out
  18. Looking at old pictures
  19. Ava-Leighs curiosity
  20. Emme-Mai’s hiccups
  21. Fresh bed sheets
  22. First foot prints in fresh snow
  23. Complete silence
  24. Chocolate
  25. Helping People
  26. Getting a lie in (not very often)
  27. Hearing my girls laugh
  28. Recieving flowers
  29. Family days out
  30. Drawings from the girls
  31. Date Night with my husband
  32. A good nights sleep
  33. Hot Chocolate & marshmellows
  34. Hearing those 3 little words “I love you”
  35. Freshly cut grass
  36. Beer gardens
  37. Retail Therapy
  38. Cosy winter nights in
  39. Unexpected messages
  40. Out of the blue roadtrips
  41. Holding hands
  42. Kisses on the forehead
  43. Seeing how proud Ava-Leigh is of something she has done at school
  44. Seeing Emme-Mai run to me from the childminder
  45. Hoodie and jeans days
  46. Dancing around the flat
  47. My onesie 🙂
  48. Looking at my wedding photos
  49. Saving for our trip to Australia
  50. Warm feet

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