Wishes for my Daughters

While sat thinking about my own childhood i wondered if my parents had wishes for me for when I became an adult. Now having 2 daughters growing up in a society where women are continuously put down about their body shape, hair styles, makeup, clothing etc I want to make sure that they have as much of a positive upbringing about themselves as I possibly can. Now that doesn’t mean that I adhere to this ( never leave the house without makeup on, hair always done, always wanting a more toned body, the list is endless) but as their mother I need to try.

I decided to write my top wishes for my daughters to achieve in their lives and thought I would share them with you. Would anybody add anything else for their children?

* Set no limits on who you are & what you can accomplish
* For you & your sister to be best friends
*Remember how hard I tried to be a good mum
* Always believe in yourself
* That wherever you both are you are always in my heart
* Stand up for yourself and your beliefs
* Be your own person
* Understand that we don’t always get what we want
* Forget all the times I shouted
* Forever be a daddy’s girl
* Love yourself first and foremost
* Always understand what makes you happy and do more of it
* Continue to be curious and question everything
* Learn from your mistakes
* Never bottle up your emotions


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