Im not pregnant, I shouldnt be this size: Starting my weight loss

8 weeks ago I started Slimming World, I did it because I wasn’t happy with my weight or my eating habits and as much as I told myself I could sort it, I kept reaching for all the wrong foods and eating rubbish.

I wanted to be back to the weight I was on my wedding day, because at that point I was happy, confident, bubbling and so fun loving, however over the last 18 months the weight has slowly crept on to the point of my going up 3 dress sizes.

I hated the way my body looked and how unhappy I was with myself, I had never been the size that I was unless pregnant, so to be this big mess that’s how I saw myself it made my confidence plummet and the self loathing began.

Unfortunately I am an emotional eater and so when something happens in my life, I reach for food and binge eat, which is just a vicious circle when you hate the way you look, which makes you unhappy and upset, because out comes the chocolate, takeaways and biscuits.

With my friends hen weekend in London looming, I took the leap and joined my local slimming world group and I actually could of cried when I stepped on the scales that night and saw that awful number. I vowed that night that I would never see that number again.

I had a great loss the first week of 5lbs (woohoo) and then the following weeks I maintained, lost half a pound, put a pound back on and just generally messed around. I know what the problem was, I didn’t stick to plan 100% and so last week I had a stern word with myself. Told myself, yes I do talk to myself on the odd occasion, that nobody could change this except for me and I was the only one to blame.

With this in mind I focused all my energy on what I was going to eat, how I would feel if I ate the wrong foods and how amazing I would feel if i saw a good loss on the scales. So Monday came and i stepped on them scales to find i had lost 4lbs!!!!

I was so chuffed with what I saw that i even did a little dance!! For the first time in a while I actually found that I was proud of what I had achieved and that it was all down to me……

Well I say it was all done to me, I have to give praise to the amazing group that I attend, we all support each other through the good and bad times, we post pictures on a Facebook group that we have and spur each other on through the times where we want to binge on crap, we applaud the great losses and we empathise with the gains. Our consultant is amazing, she wants us to succeed as much as we want ourselves to succeed, she feels the sadness that we do if we fall off the wagon and she jumps for joys when we lose.

I am sitting at 9.5lbs lighter in 7 weeks and I’m not stopping any time soon…. I have my target weight and I will get there, I want to get back into my little black dress and feel amazing about myself!!



6 thoughts on “Im not pregnant, I shouldnt be this size: Starting my weight loss

    1. You will do it as and when you are ready 🙂 I just couldn’t keep going the way I was. I had to make changes, not only physical but also mentally and emotionally x

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  1. Well done, what an awesome achievement, I really need to get my bum into gear and start losing some weight, I just keep telling myself after Christmas now! Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst and good luck for the next few weeks lovely x

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    1. They really are amazing 🙂 I love this group, my previous group was a great bunch of people but I wasn’t too impressed with the consultant. But this consultant is brilliant x


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