Pretend single parent 

As my readers will know, my husband and I both work in the same industry as well as the same restaurant together, I am the waitress and he is the kitchen manager.

As a whole this works well for us as a couple and also our family. It means we have some flexibility with what I can work and also if we need to start late or finish early for family reasons. It’s all I have ever done as a job role since I was 15 and it’s the same for Brad too.

He always wanted to be a kitchen manager by the time he was 30 and earlier on this year he achieved it with 18 months until his 30th birthday. I was super proud of his for achieving his goal.

He has worked his socks off in every job he has had within kitchens and to finally be rewarded for it is amazing. However…. Being kitchen manager does have its downfalls slightly.

Recently the company we work for opened up the 25th restaurant, which is great as the company has only been going since 2006. They have restaurants all over the U.K with more set to open in the upcoming year.  It just means that when somewhere new opens up that staff from other resturants have to go and be support staff to help with the opening.

That’s where my husband comes in, he spent last weekend away from us and is doing the same this weekend and also has a couple of days next week and the week after to do there too. I love that he is able to get experience within different restaurants but it’s a little bit strenuous on us as a family, because it means we don’t see him much.

He has had to not see his boys for the last 2 weekends as he has them every Sunday, which is actually the only day of the week that we get to be a complete family of 6 and have our time. It also means that I am left to be a “lone parent” too, which is very daunting, as I don’t have the extra back up that I usually do.

I really do to take my hat off to single parents as its bloody hard work, being both mummy and daddy. I was a single parent for 12 months and I had actually forgotten what it was like. It’s so exhausting not having another person there to help out, to back you up and take the strain off you for a while.

I have the upmost respect to all the single parents out there who day in day out do the job of 2 people and succeed at it 🙂


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