More than a Mummy: The Importance of Date Night 

It suddenly dawned on me on Thursday night that Brad and myself haven’t had a date night for a very long time. This is mainly due to the hours that he works and being able to find a babysitter for when he isn’t working.

So we decided after having a day shopping in Nottingham at the #IntuVictoria centre that Thursday night once the girls had gone to bed we would have a “Stay at home date”

We played Simpsons Monopoly, ordered Chinese and watched The Big Bang Theory. It was so nice to just sit together and relax and chill out a bit. It’s not very often that happens because we are always both so busy.

 I think it’s important to try and make time for your partner and you to spend time together, whether that be half an hour of no technology ie phones, tv, laptops, games consoles etc. It’s so easy to think that you are spending time together, but I can assure you from experience, you can be sat in the same room, next to each other and maybe not talk for ages, because you are both so engrossed in the tv or your phone in your hand.

Sometimes I stay up at night for when Brad comes home so that we can just talk about our day even if it’s just for 20 minutes. Even though we work together it doesn’t mean that we have properly spoken to one another.

I think because he is away for a second weekend it’s made me realise just how little time we make for each other and that it can put a strain on your marriage. I don’t mean to the brink of separation or anything as disastrous as that for us, but I have kind of forgotten that we are husband and wife because our other roles have become so big, being parents, step parents, waitress, kitchen manager etc.

Do any of you have ways that you make time for your relationships that you would like to share?


2 thoughts on “More than a Mummy: The Importance of Date Night 

  1. We’ve just started putting our second baby upstairs in the evening so I’m hoping to get our evenings back. I think you’re right, making time for each other is so important!


    1. It really is important to keep time spare for each other, otherwise I really do think you forget that you are partners as well as all the other roles that we take on x

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