Christmas Tradtions and their meanings

With Christmas fast approaching its always a time of reflection for me, because this time of year has always been about family.

Right from being a baby I always spent Christmas Eve at my grandad shorts house. All the family would descend to his for food and drinks and it was a chance for some of the family to catch up and exchange gifts.

Right up until he was 90 he did this and he had a big family, 4 children, 23 grandchildren and if I worked it out right around 13 great grandchildren. The atmosphere was so magical, all the children really excited about what Santa would bring them, the chocolates on the Christmas tree that grandad said we could have as many of as we liked, people sat round his table eating, the teenagers being allowed a glass/bottle of baby Cham and our Grandad sat in his chair with red rosey cheeks because he had “only had one whiskey” when in actual fact we knew it was more.

 Then as I had my own family my Christmas Eve traction changed and we now go to my parents house, they hide the girls gifts and they have to search for where Santa has left them, my parents do good and drinks and we have our own little Christmas Eve party just the 6 of us. My dad has taken on the role of what my grandad was to me for my daughters.

Because I stopped going on Christmas Eve to my Grandads I would always visit briefly on Christmas Day to be met with the same sentence of “not another one, I’m trying to cook/eat my dinner” I would literally pop in for 5 minutes and be on my way.

Boxing Day was all about my grandparents and I would do the rounds to see my Nan and Step Grandad, my Grandad Short and my Grandad Skeggy, however that tradition has disappeared now as my grandparents have passed away.

My grandad Skeggy passed on Decemeber 7th 2008 my Nan passed on April 23rd 2012 and my Grandad Short passed on Febuary 24th 2013. Although they are no longer here my Christmas Eve and Boxing Day don’t go by without me thinking of them and the traditions and memories that they left behind.

Run Jump Scrap!

I would love to know what your family Tradtions are


3 thoughts on “Christmas Tradtions and their meanings

  1. It’s great that you spent wonderful Christmases with your grandparents before they passed away, just beautiful memories of them. Lovely post, it reminds me of my grandparents too when I was still a kid. #bestandworst

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