Broken and Not Ashamed pt2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my youngest daughters meltdowns and how it had started to make me reach breaking point….. Well it seems it really was just a phase.

It’s something that has slowly changed over time to the point that I actually hadn’t really noticed until I was speaking to somebody about blog ideas and they asked how the meltdowns were going.

She is a lot more chilled out and the temper outbursts are few and far between now. She is listening a lot better when she is asked to do something, the arguments with her sister are just petty now and she isn’t kicking off at her all the time.

She is so much more positive in her whole attitude and when she has done something good, or listened to me or her dad she gets a high five and lots of praise.

I believe the meltdowns were a small failing of us as parents for not giving enough positive reinforcement of good behaviour and that we were focusing too much on the negative side.

I really do think writing the first post and having other people comment and telling me that I wasn’t alone and they had experienced similar situations helped me to get through, what seemed to me, like something only I was going through. Blogging has definitely helped me realise that I’m not alone as a parent

It just goes to show that it really was just a stage and that it doesn’t last forever or at least until the next phase.


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