Losing money to make sure your child is well

Over the weekend my eldest daughter had been a little off it. She was complaining of headaches and started to get a cough.

I did the usual, dosed her up on calpol and plenty of fluids and told her she needed plenty of rest too. Well that’s easier said then done when you are 7 years old and want to play.

We spent Sunday having a lazy day and the girls played quite nicely together, drawing, playing on the tablet, imaginary games etc. Until the afternoon when Ava said she felt dizzy and really hot.

I took her temperature and it was at a whopping 38.9 but she had goosebumps an was shivering. Just as I walked into the kitchen she shouted and had a nosebleed, now she does suffer from these anyway and I came to the conclusion it was the spike in temperature that caused it.

She had another 3 nosebleeds over the course of Sunday evening and early hours Monday morning, so I decided to keep her off school. This meant I needed to have the day off work as the husband was still in Nottingham.

It’s so hard being a working parent when you have a poorly child. Obviously I want her to get better and know that her having time off school will help towards her feeling better, but also having time off work will impact on my monthly pay as I am hourly paid.

It’s about finding the right balance between being a responsible parent with a poorly child and also not compromising the the income too much.

I took Ava to the doctors and it turns out she has a virus and so all I can do is what I am already doing and keep her dosed up with the medicine, fluids and rest.

I hope she will be on the mend soon as she has her Christmas play next week and she is so excited about being an angel in it.


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