Will pastures new be greener??

It has been such a hectic and stressful couple of weeks that I actually don’t know if I am coming or going.

My husband and I are in the middle of making possibly one of the biggest decisions we have ever had to make, whether to move our family or not. It isn’t just a simple move, it would mean going to a different city, Nottingham to be exact.

We have the chance to transfer to a new restaurant that has recently opened in the Intu Victoria Centre. That in itself the chance to do this is amazing as my husband can further his career within the company which would benefit us in the future.

It’s just that it means uprooting and starting again, which does scare me a little bit. It scares me more for the children than myself and Brad. It means Ava-Leigh starting a new school and not knowing anybody and also Emme-Mai having to start either a nursery or new childminder and again not knowing any of the other children.

It’s finding a house in an area that has everything that we need such as schools, doctors, shops etc close by as I don’t drive and it being on a direct public transport route to the shopping centre where the restaurant is.

We will also be leaving behind friends, family and our support network. They will be an hours drive away instead of between 5-20 minutes away. I am weighing up the pros & cons of moving or staying where we are and as it stands the pros to moving far outweigh the cons, but what scares me is if it all goes wrong? If the children don’t adapt to the move, if I can’t handle being so far away from our nearest and dearest.

Have any of you done anything like this? If you have what were your experiences?


2 thoughts on “Will pastures new be greener??

  1. I know how this feels!! When I moved down South to be with R I didn’t drive (in fact I’ve only just passed my test) so we needed all these things too (except school obviously!), which meant a higher rental price etc. For me it was worth it because it meant being with the person I love, but you have to make the decision that’s right for your family 🙂


    1. Obviously Bradley wouldn’t go without us, we would do it as a family, but it’s just not viable at this point in time financially. Although we are married etc we are still playing catching up with money after we both left our previous partners

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