Weigh in #10

Well I took a stand and faced the scales after missing a week.

I didn’t go last week as I had a poorly daughter but thought I would behave this last week and have a great loss…. How very wrong was I?!?

It’s been one of those weeks where I just haven’t had the head space to even entertain a “diet” as such. My mind has been so full of the potential move and life in general.

I will happily admit that the majority of this week I have been too tired to even cook, so my meals have consisted of many takeaways or just snacks of crisps, chocolate or a quick sandwich. I haven’t counted syns, I have had as much of my healthy extra a or b allowance as I have wanted too. I have even indulged in a couple of alcoholic beverages.

All in all this week has been a complete right off and I have gained 3lbs. All that being said, I know I have the power to pull it back and continue on the journey of losing weight.


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