A journey of self discovery 

All my life I have always wanted to fit in and be accepted. Whether that be by certain family members or the circle of friends I have been involved with.

We all remember our school days don’t we, especially secondary school and the certain groups? Well in my case they were the popular boys, popular girls, the “geeky” girls, “geeky boys” and then the misfits.

For a while I didn’t think I was in any of these said groups, I pretty much got on with each of them but didn’t commit myself to any. The start of my secondary school life was a little hard. I had a poorly mum who was in and out of hospital and my dad who worked nights at a factory, so I lived with my Nan which for me wasn’t unusual as I had spent many points through my life living with my grandparents.

I had a bit of time involved with the popular girls but quickly found out it wasn’t for me, I wasn’t pretty, I wanted to do well at school and didn’t really have an interest in boys. However the boy bit did change when I met my first boyfriend, he was older than me and we met through me starting kickboxing.

Fast forward a few years and I went to college and again found myself in no particular group which again was fine with me, until I grew older and realised that throughout my educational life I had been in the misfits group. I was just a normal girl next door type who didn’t know who she was or where she belonged.

Fast forward a few more years and here I am nearly 28 years old and I have found that I just need to be me, I don’t have to follow the crowd, the latest fashion craze or what everybody else is doing.

I am Natalie, just little old me who is on this journey of discovering what she really wants from life and herself. It’s time for me to do what I want, what’s best for my family and not be bothered what anybody else thinks of me.

 It’s time for a discovery of self  progression, inner peace and blogging!!


7 thoughts on “A journey of self discovery 

  1. Sometimes I think we just go with the crowd out of laziness anyway, if you’ve never really fallen in with a crowd it probably means you care more about being happy than being accepted – good for you! I find I just don’t have time or energy to spend on people I don’t gel with since I had a baby 🙂

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    1. I tend to have maybe one friend in that crowd but never all of them if that makes sense. All my life I have tried to fit in and be something that I’m not. I have got to a point where I don’t know how I am because I have always tried to hard to fit in. Xx


    1. That’s an amazing comment. Thanks so much. It’s taken me a very long time to get to this point and I hope to fully embrace it x


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