Being a mum at 19

Being a mum at 19 was great, I was quite care free, I didn’t stress about how I was doing or what people thought.

I fell pregnant with my eldest daughter at 19 and was 20 when I gave birth. I had a text book pregnancy and was really calm throughout all of it. I worked 60 hour weeks right up until 8 months pregnant as a waitress and even when I went on maternity leave I was still very active. My labour was straight forward, no complications, relatively quick and I dealt with it really well.

Once I had Ava-Leigh I was quite relaxed and calm with the new challenge that I was facing, although I was diagnosed with PND (you can read my struggle here) it all ran relatively smoothly. I didn’t read any parenting books, I never looked on the Internet at mum forums etc.

I think because I didn’t read any books etc before hand, I didn’t really have any preconceived ideas of being a mummy. I guess I was pretty naive about it all. I’m not sure if that was because of my age or if I was just more laid back then.

I found keeping her entertained and planning activities fun and exciting. We spent hours playing games, reading books, doing puzzles together. We were always out and about and even went along to a Surestart course on healthy cooking for babies. I loved being a young mum, even if I did have a select few people who gave me their narrow minded opinions on it.


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