Being a mum at 24


I recently wrote about being a mum at 19 and so thought I would write my comparison of being a mum at 24.

Being a mum at 24…… I fell pregnant with my second daughter when I was 23 and was over the moon. She was planned and loved from the word go. My pregnancy was full of ups and downs though and it was very stressful and worrying at times.

I had an early scan at 6 weeks because I was losing water and we were dreadfully worried that something was wrong, but I was assured everything was fine when we saw the scan.

Everything went fine from that point until I was around 26 weeks and I had to have fortnightly scans as my bump was measuring ahead of how many weeks I was. I must admit I was huge with Emme-Mai and it was very worrying to think that I could be having a massive baby. It turned out I had excess water (Polyhydramnious) which can be an indication of an abnormality of the baby, however that wasn’t the cause in our case. They weren’t sure why it happened in my pregnancy actually. Then when I was 31  weeks I had to go up to the hospital as I started to have contractions, they hooked me up to the monitor and told me they weren’t braxton hicks, which was very worrying and they were going to take me to theater for a C-Section as Emme-Mai was also breech. Again luckily the contractions never developed into anything more and because I was already being monitored for the Polyhydramnious and her being breech, the hospital were happy to allow me home but told me I had to rest and try not to do too much.

That was easier said than done because the reasons why I started to have the contractions were because of Brads ex wife and the fact that my Nan was terminally ill. However I took their advice and slowed down massively and just did what I could to make sure our baby didn’t make an early appearance. Unfortunately my Nan passed away soon after and so I attend her funeral at 34 weeks pregnant.

Fast forward 5 weeks and Emme-Mai made her entry into the world and how very different parenting became. I found it so much more stressful, I wasn’t as calm and relaxed as I was when I had Ava-Leigh. I found myself running around like a lunatic, losing my temper more at people and just not dealing well with it at all. I barely took Emme-Mai to baby groups I didn’t have a big circle of friends who had babies at the same time as me, so lost my network of mum friends. Doing activities with Ava-Leigh became harder because I also had another little person to tend to. I really find being a mum of 2 hard work, trying to divide my time equally between them both and doing the activities that engage them individually and also that bring them together as sisters.

Does anybody else feel like this and have any tips or advice?


4 thoughts on “Being a mum at 24

  1. I only have one so I can’t imagine the work you are putting in! I am tired with just one to tend to. I try to set aside time each day to just sit down and play with my little girl (she is 8 months). I do this even if the dishes are dirty, the floor is unkept or the laundry is still in the dryer. If it is our time to be together, we do it! I find going on walks with her and taking her outside is calming for both of us also!


    1. Because I work I do find it difficulty. By the time we all get in its gone 5 in the evening so it’s tea, homework, reading, finding out about their day and then bedtime. I try and make Saturday as fun as possible with activities, watching films together etc x


      1. I am far from a supermum but thanks for the compliment. I really do struggle to keep the home going and work and being a good wife and mum. Xx


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