The Bossy Angel 

On Thursday evening we went and watched Ava-Leigh’s school Christmas play and my goodness me was I beaming with pride. 

Ava-Leigh came home a couple of weeks ago with her script for the Christmas play and she had been given the role of “Bossy Angel” which did make me laugh, as she can be a little bossy at times. She literally practised her lines day and night and was constantly singing the songs and doing all the actions. 

Ava-Leigh isn’t the most confident little girl when it comes to being centre of attention. She can handle it in her own comfort zone of family and friends, but to stand on stage in from of all the parents and the whole school and remember all her lines,songs and actions just made my heart melt. 

She even had to stand in for another angel and do her lines, so quickly had to learn this role too. She spoke loudly and clearly, delivered the lines in such a way that was apt for her role and smiled the whole way through. She really did enjoy herself and it was clear to see. 

Even her teacher spoke to me at the end of the performance and said Ava-Leigh was a budding little actress who had been the first choice to take over the other angels lines because she had the ability. 

Here is my little angel in all her glory




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