When DIY goes wrong 

It’s safe to say myself and flat pack furniture do not get along. I would go as far as to say that I have an actual hatred for it. Yes that’s right I hate an inatimate object. 

I can remember 6 years ago when my husband and I first started living together that I fell out with a bedside table, I even bled because of the damn thing. It arrived while he was at work and I thought I would be the good girlfriend and put it together myself. Now bearing in mind I had lived on my own for a year previous to him moving in and all the “tools” I had was universal screwdriver (it worked great as a hammer)

So as I putting the blasted thing together I discovered that I needed a flat headed screwdriver and my universal one was a star head, I’m sure that’s the correct terminology. So I grabbed my boyfriends pen knife and decided that I could use that as a screwdriver, well it didn’t end very nicely, I had a cream carpet and cream walls at the time, needless to say they ended up blood splattered. However I did get the bedside table put together, albeit with a slight injury to my hand. 

Now fast forward to getting new bunk beds for the girls and I actually can’t stand to look at them at minute. All these pieces of wood, dowling, bolts and screws everywhere. We have managed to get the frame up but it took some doing. My husband is pretty good at reading the instructions and following them, and so things were going great, until we couldn’t get this one bolt in. We tried everything and it just wouldn’t screw in, I got really mad and stormed out the room and had my own little tantrum about it. 

Then we realised as we started to do the part for the steps that we had put the wrong side on and so had to take that off too. I just couldn’t handle it and left my husband to it because by this point I was at my wits end with the damn thing. Anybody who says they love flat pack furniture is insane!! 

This is where we are at so it looks like the girls will be sleeping on mattresses on the floor until we get chance to finish it.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like this, or am I just useless at DIY?? 


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