A black cross on our door 

What is it about this time of year?? My family and I always get poorly the week before Christmas.

I remember last year 2 days before Christmas Eve I had to ring a paramedic for Brad because he was being violently sick and was bringing up blood too. It was horrible to see him so poorly but luckily it wasn’t anything serious. 

This year we are all full of coughs and colds, Ava-Leigh had a virus last week (you can read about that here) now it seems we all have this virus. We just can’t seem to shake it, Emme-Mai has an awful cough that is disturbing her at night, to the point of me having to cuddle her in the living room the other night. Ava-Leigh is still coughing and just can’t seem to get rid of it. 

As for Brad and I we just need some time to relax and chill out, which obviously doesn’t happen being parents and working. However I do now have 15 days off work, woohoo!! But unfortunately Bradley doesn’t get the same amount of time off, he will be working flat out now until Christmas Eve. I have touched on the subject of being poorly and being a parent before A poorly mummy is still a mummy

I have allowed Ava-Leigh to have the flu vaccine in the hope that she wouldn’t get ill this winter but it seems that nothing can protect us from viruses. Maybe it’s time to look into other things I can do especially to help the girls. 

Does anybody have any tips on how to keep your family well during this period?? 


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