Babies at School 

I know I’m not the only parent who compares her children to one another, but I also know not many will admit it. 

I have found it really hard these last couple of months to come to terms with the fact that Emme-Mai will be starting school in September next year, it actually makes me feel really sad that I no longer have any babies. As much as we don’t spend 7 days a week at home together, I can’t imagine her not being with the childminder and actually being at primary school. 

I look at her and she makes me burst with pride and how bright she is, how easily she picks things up, however I can’t help but look back to when Ava-Leigh was this age and that she was fluent in saying the alphabet, counting and knew all the colours etc. Emme-Mai on the other hand gets a bit confused in all of these areas and has only just started drawing “stick people” 

The reason why I compare is because sometimes I forget that Ava-Leigh had an extra year at home before starting school because she was born in September whereas Emme-Mai was born in the June. I did flirt with the idea of maybe keeping Emme-Mai back a year to give her a better chance in her early school life, however after talking to the childminder and talks with Brad we decided that she should go to school a couple of months after her 4th birthday as “it will be what it will be” 

I have no doubt that she will do well at school but it’s still a little scary. Has anybody else kept their late summer babies at home for an extra year? Or on the flip side let their summer baby go to school just as they turned 4? 


One thought on “Babies at School 

  1. I have to stop myself from making similar comparisons, with a September elder child and an April younger. My sister really worries as her little boy will start at the same time as my eldest, despite having 358 days between their birthdays – she’s Sept 6th and he’s Aug 31st. She’s not keeping him back, he will go, but she really worries about whether that’s the right decision. Remember Emme-Mai won’t be the youngest with a June birthday and may well be more mature than plenty of the older children anyway. Sure she’ll fly! x


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