Gingerbread house creations

The girls woke up this morning to find that Freddie the Elf had left them a ginger house each to make, they were very excited and love that Freddie leaves them gifts sometimes. 

Included in the box was the pre made gingerbread base, 2 sides, front and back and the 2 pieces for the roof, a snowman, mutlicoloured balls to decorate with and a bag of icing.  

  The icing had to be massaged to get it to the right consistency and so the girls did that while we opened the individual package of each piece. We soon found out when we started the icing that it wasn’t great as it didn’t want to stay stuck to the gingerbread pieces, it needed to be a little less thick so Bradley and I put the icing on as best we could and the girls gave us a guide of how they wanted it. 

Once it was all iced and decorated it was time to build it. This is something that I struggled to do again because the icing just wasn’t going where I wanted it to and wouldn’t stay stuck to the gingerbread so I left that part down to Brad. Eventually it was all built and the girls were very proud of they creations. Here is the finished product 


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4 thoughts on “Gingerbread house creations

    1. That was the first time we had done them too. I’m thinking we will do it every year as a Christmas tradition but will find a better one x


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