Our Festive Time

Well after some much needed time with the family that’s Christmas 2015 over and done with. Actually scrap that we still have one more Christmas Day to do in our family, which is when we have the boys on New Year’s Day and they get their presents from us. 

It really has been 3 days full of fun for the girls, they were well and truly spoilt. We spent Christmas Eve with my parents as that’s when the girls have their presents from them. It’s lovely to see the excitement on both of their faces, because each year my parents hide the presents in a different place and the girls search the house, for where Santa has left them. The adults have plenty of food and drink too, however this year I have been so poorly that I barely had an appetite. 

Christmas Day was just manic as usual, we were up at 7 to the sound of the girls saying that Santa had been, which is just magical to hear. We opened presents, had breakfast and got sorted, then Brads parents came round to see the girls and give them their presents. The house was full of joy, happiness and family and I loved every minute of it. 

We sat down to dinner at around 1pm and then the girls carried on playing with their new toys, we then went to see our niece and nephew for a couple of hours. We then came home to relax and watch a film, by this time I was feeling pretty awful so ended up in bed at half 6. 

All in all though it was amazing and the most important thing is that the girls had a fabulous time. Now it’s time to endure the aftermath and get ready to do it all again in a few days time  



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