Slimming World, Christmas & being poorly

Well where do I start…… My motivation for slimming world these last couple of weeks has been none exsistant, I think it’s because of Christmas and all the goodies, sweets and general temptations that I just didn’t have the will power. It’s silly really because I know you can still follow the plan over the festive period but still enjoy the good stuff too, it’s just in moderation. 

I don’t think having flu helped either. It literally knocked me on my arse for the best part of 7 days so I barely had an appetite and when I did want something to eat, the last thing I was worried about was how it would impact my SW journey. I just needed to concentrate on getting better. So my general “diet” has been cough medicine, cold & flu capsules, hot lemon drinks and lucozade. 

I missed weigh in the week before Christmas as I really couldn’t move, I genuinely laid on the sofa most of the day in my pjs feeling bloody awful. I did let my consultant know and she told me to just focus on getting myself better. It was lovely to have her support in the fact that I told her I wasn’t eating much and when I did it wasn’t really SW friendly, but again, she told me to focus on my health. 

So I took the plunge and went and got weighed, ready to face whatever number those scales flashed up!! I have no idea how but I managed to lose 2.5lbs. I’m so pleased that I lost, I know it’s not a massive amount and it will be because I was poorly but I’m taking that and running with it!! 

New year….. New me!!! I am determined to be the woman that I know is screaming inside 


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