2 Christmases as a blended family

I have written before about my family being a blended family, as I have 2 stepsons and for the most part it works really well. 

This Christmas it meant we got to have 2 Christmases 🙂 Sometimes we have the boys on Christmas Day in the afternoon or on Boxing Day, unfortunately Brad had to work Boxing Day this year and we couldn’t have the boys on Christmas Day, so it meant we had to wait a whole week until New Years Day to have Christmas with them, this wasn’t a problem at all although trying to explain to Emme-Mai that there wasn’t anymore presents for her was a little challenging. 

We picked the boys up at 10:30am and took them to see their grandparents to open their presents from them. Brads father and sister were supposed to come to ours for the day and take part in the second Christmas Day with us, however his Dad has been suffering with a really bad back and so we didn’t think it would be fair for him to have to try and get up our 4 flights of stairs. They were super excited to get presents which included things linked to each of the football teams they support, which are Manchester United and Manchester City!! We spent about 2/3 hours there before going back to ours for more presents. To see their little faces when they opened the WWE smack down Lego truck and Lego Chima was amazing. Both of them really appreciated everything that they received from the family. 

Being a blended family at Christmas can be more stressful than usual, as we don’t always have the best relationship with the boys mum, so it can make communication a little difficult. We did ask her what the boys would like for Christmas and we were told not to get them toys and the suggestion from her was something for the Xbox. I can completely understand that having 2 children can mean that your home looks like an extension of Toys R Us, however with the boys still only being 8 & 6 we didn’t feel that we could just buy them technology. 

So with that in mind we got them Lego as they really enjoy building the models and they also keep them built because they are so proud of their creations. We did say to their mum when we took them back the next day with their presents, that is she struggled to find space for them then we would take them back to ours. 

All in all both Christmases were successful and all 4 children had an absolutely fantastic time. We really are lucky to share these magical moments with our children more than once and that as parents, whether step or biological is what being a parent is all about, making children’s childhood memories special. 


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