Being sick at christmas

I usually love Christmas and have so much planned to do with the girls, whether that means crafts, baking, days out during the half term, however this yet was different. 
I started to feel unwell about 4 days before Christmas but didn’t think much of it. I just thought I was run down from the build up and stress of Christmas. How very wrong was I?? 

I ended up a complete mess, shivering, sweats, aching, loss of appetite etc. I just couldn’t move from the sofa, I literally laid there for two days straight and did the bare minimum. I managed to get up to feed the girls and that was it.
I managed to perk up a little by Christmas Eve and spend it with my parents, so that the girls could open their presents from them. However it wasn’t how it normally is with plenty of alcohol and food. I think I managed one drink and a small plate of food. I got through Christmas Day just off the adrenaline from the girls, but that soon disappeared when at 6:30pm I ended up going to bed and leaving Brad to do tea and bedtime with the girls. 
Slowly over the last few days I have been getting better, the flu has done but it has left me with a chest and ear infection that I just can’t seem to shake off, even with a course of antibiotics. As I expected now I am back to work I am pretty much ok now, which is just typical. I don’t think Christmas was ruined too much by me being poorly, however I honestly can say I don’t want to be that poorly again over the festive period. After 3 weeks of being poorly it really put a dampener on Christmas. 
Has anybody else experienced being poorly over Christmas and how did you deal with it? Also do any of you have tips or advice on how to keep healthy and fight these nasty germs and bugs? 


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