New year, new childcare 

This week has been back to normal for many of us after the Christmas break, with going back to work, children back to school and childcare. I must admit I was dreading this week and looking forward to it in equal measures. 

I was ready for the routine and structure back, I’m not the sort of person that likes her routine to be put out of place, so I really struggle with the half term breaks, as it means I am not at work so I don’t have structure for that time. This can be a trigger for me and do I have to keep active and busy at all times. So to have my routine back is really nice, I feel like my head space will be clear. 

However I have been a little uncertain too because it’s the first week for Emme-Mai with her new childminder. I previously wrote about having to find a new childminder due to our previous one changing her job. It really was the end of an era for us. So on Tuesday when all normality resumed for my family, it was time to see how Emme-Mai would be and I have to say I am so proud of how well she has coped with the change. 

It’s been lovely to get see pictures and also see the observations that Sarah has written about Emme-Mai through an app that she uses. Each parent has a unique ID to input and it takes them to their child’s diary if you like. Every night on my way home from work I log on there to see what they have been up to, as sometimes trying to ask a tired, grumpy 3 year old can be difficult. 

As any parent would I worried if Emme-Mai would enjoy herself and be willing to accept Sarah, but this last week has just shown me how resilient children are and how they can adapt to change easily. Obviously myself, Brad and Kathy (the previous childminder) had spoken to Emme-Mai at length about what was going to happen, the changes, new children and new experiences etc, but I never could of imagined how well she would cope. 

I can’t wait to continue to see the relationship develop between Emme-Mai and Sarah and how Sarah will help Emme-Mai grow ready for school in September. 



8 thoughts on “New year, new childcare 

  1. I think we often underestimate the resilience, tenacity, and children’s simple ability to get on with things. I’m really impressed with your approach to child minders too, I’ve read many a blog where mums have openly admitted their jealousy of the bond between child and minder, but the app idea is simply brilliant for you to stay connected.

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    1. I can’t be jealous of the bond between, I pay my childminder to do the things that I can’t always do due to time restrictions etc with work. I would be more annoyed if there wasn’t a bond. The app is brilliant too, I love it 🙂

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    1. Yeah it really is, I think it’s down to how we all prepared her for it. Just goes to show how quickly kids adapt and that actually it is us as parents that worry more than the children do x

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