The trials and tribulations of being female 

Back in 2014 I had a procedure called Endometrial Ablation, which is where most of the womb lining is destroyed. The surgical procedure is done for women who suffer from heavy periods. This is my story of why I had it done and how things are now. 

This wasn’t a decision that I had taken lightly, because it meant at the age of nearly 26 I would have to be sterilised at the same time. Now although I already had 2 beautiful daughters and 2 wonderful step-sons the thought of no more babies was quite daunting, however I was 90% sure that I didn’t want anymore children. 

So let’s go back to when the problems really began. I was just about to turn 12 when my first period came, I even remember the date because it came on Christmas Day, yes that’s right my present from Mother Nature (bitch) I didn’t suffer too much in my teenage years with heavy periods, just more them being irregular, so I went to the doctor and was prescribed the pill. This worked wonders all the way through until I was in my early twenties and had my first daughter. 

After having my eldest, things just seemed to get worse, in the sense that my periods became so irregular again that I could have a 3 day period, be off for 6 days and back on for 10 days. I literally had no idea when it would come or for how long. This is where the heaviness set in too. I would use super sanitary products and within  an hour I would have to change. By this point I had gone into the contraceptive implant as I no longer felt the pill was right for me. 

I remember one summer going for an afternoon drink at the pub with my dad and a couple of his friends from work and wearing white linen trousers ad if was really hot. What a massive mistake that was, unfortunately Mother Nature decided to pay me an unexpected visit. The utter embarrassment of my dad having to tell me was awful. 

I preserved with the problem in the hope that after my body had settled back to normal after the pregnancy, but before I knew it I was 24 and having second daughter. I had the coil fitted after my daughter was born but I was still having problems. I think at the worst I was on my period for a total of 41 days!! I really couldn’t carry on like it anymore, it was ruining my life. I had to always carry spare underwear, sanitary products, I couldn’t wear dresses or linen trousers in the summer and mine and my husbands sex life was affected hugely. I went to the doctors and after explaining everything and lengthy discussions I was put on the list. 

As with any medical procedure there are pros and cons to it. This procedure is done as a day case, which for me was brilliant as it meant little time away from my family. It also is more effective than medicines, which is exactly what I wanted. The cons weren’t any concern to me that much, as you can’t have it done if you suffer from Endometriosis, or large fibroids, neither condition I suffered. Like I previously said, you have to be sterilised so if you want children, this isn’t the treatment for you. The biggest downside is that sometimes the ablation doesn’t make any difference to women suffering. 

For me though I am glad to say 2 years down the line, I have regular ‘mini’ periods. When I say mini I mean they last minimal days and they are easier to manage. The only downside is they are more painful, but I would much rather that then go back to the way they were. 

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8 thoughts on “The trials and tribulations of being female 

  1. Sorry to hear about your situation, but thank you for raising awareness of this condition! It’s lovely you have two children out of all that you have been through 🙂 xxx #Abitofeverything

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  2. I had this done 5 years ago and haven’t had a period since, the best thing ever. I was originally going to have the Mirena coil fitted but changed my mind on the day as I was prone to vaginal infections and recurrent UTIs. These have subsided considerably since my ablation. If you have completed your family but have painful periods speak to your GP about your options.

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  3. Wowza!! I have to say when I had my implant I was similar but since having Oliver I’ve had a few issues but nowhere near as bad. I’m due a blood test because of it, as apparently the hormones after giving birth can be a bit messed up and need a hormone treatment to kind of correct it back to it’s normal rhythm. Oliver is 3 and I’ve only really got back to normal though.

    I’d never heard of this treatment, I’m not sure if I could have done it, but, I’m not in that position so it’s really hard to say isn’t it?

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    1. I highly recommend speaking to your GP and going from there. There are tests that can be done to see if there are other reasons as to why it is happening. My one piece of advice is not to just put up with it. I know just how much of a pain it can be and the effects it can have on your life x


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