Why have you been?? 

So I know I have been really quiet these last couple of weeks on the blogging front and social media, I have had some personal things to deal with. 

I decided after a lengthy talk with my slimming world consultant that maybe it was time to go to my GP and ask about going back on my anti-depressants. I went this week and I am now back on my tablet. 

The signs had been there for a while that I may of been slipping but I thought I could manage them by myself however, it turns out that I couldn’t. So here I am hopefully getting back to the old me. 

I need to get back into writing and driving my blog to where I want it to. This won’t stop me and I will be right as rain soon enough. I will right a more detailed post about all of this soon, however for now I just need to get my head together. 


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