No sunshine, plenty of tablets and a kick up the bum

Well here I am after nearly 2 weeks of not publishing a “proper” post. So here is my apology for not being around recently and kind of just disappearing off the the world of social media. 

I recently decided to go back to my GP and have a word with him about possibly going back onto my anti-depressants, after seeing the signs but kind of ignoring them. The thing that made me have a kick up the bum was talking to my slimming world consultant. I had expressed that I felt like I was sabotaging my weight loss journey and that I just couldn’t get my head into it. I felt I had lost all confidence and motivation to do it. 

In actual fact I was losing the motivation to do many things, I was tired all the time but sleeping really well, my appetite was up and down etc. These are all things that I know to look out for but I just thought it was the January blues of just having Christmas, going back to work etc. Any way I spoke to my GP and he agreed to put me back on my tablets at the same dose as I was on last summer. He also had me have some blood tests, which I received the results of earlier this week. It turns out I have a vitamin D deficiency, so that could be a reason for all the symptoms I have experiencing. However I do believe they are 2 separate things that are just going on at the same time. 

So I am here just a little over a week since starting my tablets and 4 days into taking vitamin D supplements. I have decided to start using my SAD light again to see if that can help. My diet isn’t bad at all due to following slimming world. I just hope that over the next couple of weeks things start to pick up and I get back to feeling like myself. 

I need to push myself to get back to writing and being back on the blogging scene and really push my sw journey. I hope you all aren’t to disappointed in my disappearing for a short while. I promise I am back 🙂 


7 thoughts on “No sunshine, plenty of tablets and a kick up the bum

  1. Oh no! It’s good that you went back to the doctors rather than ignoring the symptoms. I’m on Slimming World too – I loved it at first but have lost my motivation. Hopefully as the weather gets better and things like that I’ll be able to get out more and be more motivated to achieve things.

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    1. Thank you.
      I love slimming world and know it works and to be honest it’s pretty easy to follow but when your head isn’t in the game, then it’s so hard to follow it. All I want to do at the minute is just pig out xx


      1. Haha me too! There’s a tub of jelly beans that we were given for Christmas and they keep calling my name. I’ve weighed out a set amount that is less than my share so that hopefully although I will have some I won’t pig out.

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  2. Welcome back. Lovely to hear from you. I suffer from SAD and usually use a light and vit d sups but this year I haven’t used them. Its a vicious cycle. Get SAD don’t want to go out so get less sun and vit d get more depressed, stay in more and so on. I get loads more sun (even on the dullest days) than I ever got when I worked and so far it has been manageable. I may have to restart the vit d if the sun stays away any longer! I hope it all works for you. Take care.

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