Guess who is back 

So I haven’t written a blog post for the best part of 5 months, I stopped because I started to resent having to write all the time. I was getting stressed out at feeling like I needed a new post everyday that would grip my limited readers. I had started to put too much pressure on myself for something that I started which was supposed to be enjoyable. 
I started this blog back in September 2015 as something for me, as a kind of diary but knowing it was public. It was a way for me to offload what was going on in my life past and present. However I started to become more concerned with numbers and stats, which made me feel like my blog wasn’t going anywhere, in turn making me believe that I was just writing nonsense. 

I also had a few health issues going on that I needed to take care of and try and concentrate on making sure I was well. I was juggling too much with work, being mum, wife, friend etc and eventually something had to drop. Unfortunately this was my blog but I had to prioritise what was most important at that specific time. 
Fast forward to now and luckily my health issues have calmed down, still not 100% sure on what is going on but there was a worry that I had cervical cancer, however I thank my lucky stars that it was just a couple of cysts that have disappeared by themselves. I have taken a step back and realised that I can’t do everything all of the time (as much as I hate admitting that) and I feel less stressed to a certain degree. 
As I am feeling better I have decided now is the time to start blogging again, but remind myself I don’t have to post every day, it doesn’t matter how many people engage because ultimately this is my blog for me. I want the content to be relative to me and my life and situations, if that means that only one person reads it, then so be it. 
So here is to getting back to something that I enjoy 


3 thoughts on “Guess who is back 

  1. I love this article!

    I felt exactly the same when I was working full time and balancing home life. Fortunately for me I was made redundancy around the time that I found out that I was pregnant with baby number 2. In a normal world, I would have exploded under the pressure but I took some time out and realised that I’m not super woman & prioritise what was important, which was my little boy & me. 6 months on & Ive never been more happier…well apart from the swollen cankles & the same bank balance.

    I wish you all the best and I hope you get well soon.

    Look forward to reading more of your fab posts!

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    1. Aww thank you so much. I sometimes just have to take a step back and like you say remember what is important. My parents call me a jack Russell as I am always on the go at 100mph.
      Thank you for you kind words x

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