When did we become such a society?? 

In light of recent events it got me thinking, when did we as a society become so evil?? 

Surely the best thing about the human race is we are all unique. Our looks, sexuality, political views. When did we turn on each other just because we don’t agree with somebody’s actions or thoughts?? Do we really want to be carbon copies of one another?!

I hold my hands up and admit I’m not somebody who has a huge knowledge of politics but I understand enough that, most of the time, it is just 2 parties slagging each other off. I saw a picture on social media recently referring to the world wars however, it resonated with me to a degree about the current state our country is in with the upcoming referendum

Remember, it didn’t start with gas chambers. It started with politicians dividing the people with ‘us vs them’ It started with intolerance and hate speech and when people stopped caring, became desensitised, mindlessly obedient and turned a blind eye. 

I sometimes feel that is all politics are, whether you agree or not that is my opinion and take on it. I don’t want to get into the ins and outs of it, but it really scares me that because of what Jo Cox said, she was murdered in such a brutal way. Are we really a world in which because we disagree with somebody, we think we can take their life?? 

As for the horrific shootings in Orlando how is it that people still are made to feel ashamed of their sexual identity, and even more so to see the need to take the lives of innocent people, who were justo it enjoying themselves. 

I know that part of the issue for the Orlando shooter was religious and it has been speculated, that he may of been gay himself and couldn’t cope with it and felt ashamed but I have to admit I feel like his religion may of radicalised him as do most religions. I’m not saying people shouldn’t follow a region but I also think we need to remember that times have changed and we as a society have grown and evolved. All religions talk about love, community and peace but it seems they can’t/won’t accept people as individuals. 


3 thoughts on “When did we become such a society?? 

  1. Firstly, I agree. It’s sad that society is like this and so evil. But it’s not a new thing at all.
    The British slaughtered thousands of Muslims in the crusades just to get gold. Its only the last 150 years that we don’t have the right to own slaves and do literally what we like to them and 50 years not to brutally beat and humiliate different races. 30 years to be more accepting of gay people. Only a few years to grant equality marriage for them. During this homophobic attacks.
    Nazis carried out the inhumane acts of the holocaust to the Jews. Football thugs hurting each other has happened for decades. Terrorist attacks and suicide bombers. I’m sorry to say that we are horrible people and if you believe it’s a new thing yours sadly naive to the world.

    Secondly, I find this post ridiculous hypocritical and offensive!!

    You state you this we should be equal, United and show LOVE and RESPECT but you use the last part to attack people of religion in an outlandish and sweeping generalisation! And why because they won’t accept individuals? Have you here accepted individuals and their religions beliefs? No. So all Muslims are terrorists, yeah? All Christians are part of the KKK?

    I love my church. We feed and clothe the homeless. Visit and support elderly, sick and disabled. We have 15% of our congregation mentally and physically disabled and despite people thinking we should all wear suits, be quiet and be middle classed rich people we are open and accept everyone even if it does “disturb” our sermons.

    We have elderly, disabled and all classes of people. We have gay people who are regular attendees and have performed gay marriages. Not all religious people are psychotic extremists and to believe just because people kill in the name of religion means that we are all not capable of tolerance of individuals is an insult to all of those who do good. I know extremists who believe meat is murder but does that mean that all vegetarians stand together throw paint on fur? Of course not.

    You say society has changed. It hasn’t. We’re still bigoted and single minded. It’s clear that you haven’t or don’t attend a church to see the reverse of your statement. Or seen the Christian and mulism communities coming together to support Orlando. As seen in these beautiful situations how we do all love everyone individuallyand in fact it’s posts and sweeping concepts that we don’t that feed the religious hate.

    Sorry for the rant but you really hit a nerve. Best go now though, I have hate posts to promote on my Facebook about how anyone who isn’t me should die.


    1. I’m not saying it’s a new thing I’m just actually really concerned that these situations seem to be happening more and more in recent times. Maybe it’s due to media coverage that I see it more, or that I am an adult with a family who I am extremely worried for growing up in this world that we live in. I’m not attacking anybody, I am saying it’s my opinion that sometimes religion and politics can radicalise people, not everybody but certain individuals take it to the extreme. I would like to think that I am one of the few accepting people who doesn’t care about sexuality, religion, nationality etc. I haven’t once in my post said that all Muslims are terrorists or Christians are all part of the KKK. I don’t think I have once made a sweeping generalisation of religion or those who do good. I think it’s great that your church is so accepting of everybody but not all churches or religions are like that. No I haven’t attended a church but that is my choice. The Muslim and Christian community that have come together during the Orlando event is great but again not all Muslims and Christians would be able to do that.


      1. I totally understand your opinion and it’s your view and we all have a right to that. But by saying “All religions talk about love, community and peace but it seems they can’t/won’t accept people as individuals” labels us all within that grouping. Hundreds of millions of of people are religious in the world yet you don’t hear about every good just labelled extremists and by claiming we are “All” the same because we are religious allows the suggestion of terrorism and KKK…I know you didn’t say those exact words but claiming that all religions won’t accept people makes a radicalisation that wenjoyed are just as bad as these people.
        And I totally appreciate your choice not to be religious or go to church but it begs me to ask how you know that all church’s aren’t all like mine if you don’t have that experience? Again, a generalisation that is misinformed. And I agree….not all religious people would do that but then not all religious people go to church. Instead they preach their wild views without education. Almost like a child with a gun. No experience shooting one or how to use it properly but can take a small action to hurt somebody


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