Such a crappy mum

After seeing a picture on Pinterest from a blogger it got me thinking, I really am a guilty mummy who needs to do more things with my children. 

In what seems like such a fast paced bubble that is my life, I feel like sometimes my girls get left behind. Our weekday mornings revolve around routine and trying to be ready on time. I’m running around doing breakfast, getting myself sorted, sorting washing etc while feeling like I am constantly banging my head against a brick wall, asking the girls to eat their breakfast, get dressed and sort their bags out. We eventually get out the door and before I know it, the school bell rings and it’s 9am and that is the first time I have given either girl a kiss and cuddle. I tell them to have a good day and off we all on our days adventure. 

It comes to 4pm and the mad rus out of the door from the childminders and on our way home, I try to keep up with the conversations that both the girls are firing at me, but it all becomes one big mess of words as they both talk to me at the time. They are both so engrossed in telling me that neither of them hear me asking them to take it in turns, so instead I am just nodding and smiling at both of them, in the hope that it’s at the right time. We get through our door, bags go flying, toys come out and I sit in the kitchen making a coffee and catch up on social media and anything blog related. The only words that seem to go back and fourth between the 3 of us is each girl telling tales on the other one and me telling them (maybe shouting a little) to play nicely else it’s tea and bed for them both. Eventually they listen and play nicely so I sit and enjoy the peace and quiet, that I am sure will be shattered within a milli second. 

Tea gets eaten, bath is ran and while the girls are splashing about and making my bathroom into a slip hazard, I quickly get their clean washing put away, tidy the toys up and do the dishes. Out the bath, all dried and in pjs it’s bedtime. They ask me to read a story but I am literally shattered and just want to sit and do nothing so I tell them not tonight girls, mummy is tired. 

Why am I not engaging with my children more? We haven’t seen each other for at least 6 hours of the day. We should be excited and enjoying our evenings together. I am making it my mission to start doing more of these things with my girls and stop leaving them behind. They may be growing up and want and need independence, however it doesn’t mean that I should just leave them to their own devices. 

Do any other parents feel like this at times? Are you brave enough and honest enough to agree with me? 


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