A little update of what is going on

I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks due to me and Bradley being off work because our friends who moved to Australia were back home. We have done plenty in our time off together and really enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong we have both been knackered from all the socialising we have done, but in the same breath it’s been so good to get out and spend some quality time with friends. 

We went to a place called Madame Waffle for the first time with two of our work colleagues Abbi and Ryan. It was bloody gorgeous, I had heard some amazing things about it but I have to admit I was blown away by the portion and how scrummy it tasted. In true Brad style he went for a peanut butter and maple syrup bacon concoction, which you can see in the picture. It was a monster size and smelt so amazing, I even managed to steal a small bit of bacon as I’m not a peanut butter fan. I had Salmon and cream cheese which was mouth wateringly yummy, I decided to have this option as it was about 11 in the morning and I couldn’t face a desert type waffle. 

We also met with our other friends Danielle and Jason and their little girl Alexa. As they live in Hull we took them to a place called Daisy Made. It’s a beautiful little place selling gorgeous tasting icecream in all wonderful flavours, my favourite is mint choc chip 🙂 It has mini crazy golf, a little area for the kids to play and also goats, Guinea pigs and rabbits. 

It’s great that you can feed the goats and both the girls found it highly amusing. I on the other hand wasn’t as brave and kept my distance. 

I think the highlight of the week had to be spending the day with the one and only bestie though. It’s been a bloody long 9 months with her being 9000 miles away but our friendship hasn’t changed. We met up for lunch at Handmade Burger Co and had such a giggle and plenty of food. We have always had great experiences here and that day didn’t let us down. 

It was lovely to be able to capture a very cute moment too between Claire and my youngest daughter Emme-Mai.

We had a great night all 4 of us with Chinese, board games, Xbox and a few drinks. It really was just like they hadn’t been away. It just goes to show that true friendships can stand the test of distance. It has been amazing to have them back, but I also understand why they decided to move away and I am so proud of them for achieving their dream. 


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