Too much screen time 

Isn’t it great to just get outdoors and actually enjoy the fresh air once in a while?? 

That’s what we have done a few times this week and we have really enjoyed it. I love seeing Emme run around playing and having so much space to do her own thing. I’m one of those parents too, who isn’t bothered about muddy hands or grass marks on knees, because to me, that is what being outdoors is all about. Exploring the world around you, climbing trees, making mud pies, jumping in puddles. These are all memories from my childhood and I want my children to have those memories too. 
It feels like we are becoming a nation of people who rely on technology to keep us occupied, like we have forgotten how to socialise, intereact with people and even play with our children. As I write this laid in bed using my phone, my husband is laid next to me scrolling through Facebook, every few minutes stopping to show me something. I admit openly that on many occasions we sit in the living room on the same sofa, with the tv on and our phones in our hands, barely saying talking.

So I ask the question, when did technology or more to the point mobile phones and tablets take over? 

I know that we all rely on them nowadays for a number of things such as work related emails, those all important calls etc. However if we stopped and thought about how many times we pick up our phones to check social media, play a game or see if that person has messaged back, I think we would be quite shocked. I will hold my hands up and say that my phone is never far away from me. I probably pick it up far too many times in the day to check useless things but it has just become habit more than anything. I get as adults that it is something that we do and that’s fine, however I do worry about the amount of children that seem to be constantly connected to a phone or tablet. A few weeks ago our family went out for tea at a pub, Bradley and myself did colouring with the girls while we waited for our meals, yet on the table next to us was a family of 4 all staring into phones and tablets and the only time we heard them speak was when the children said what they wanted to eat and that was it. 

A survey done back in 2015 found that children spent double the amount of time on gadgets than they do outside, which is a really scary statistic in my eyes. 

I’m just so shocked at how much time children and adults spend lost in technology. I limit the amount of time my girls have their tablets and even tv time. Don’t get the wrong end of the stick here though, I have been known to just allow the girls to stare at the tv screen while I get jobs done around the house, but I feel like we are losing the chance to engage with our children and other adults because of how technology dictates our lives now.


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