Where has everybody gone? 

If I actually sit back and count I probably only have 6 friends that I see on a regular occasion and that’s mainly because they are mums themselves and we all congregate together on the school run. I also work with around 30 other people but out of those I would say I class around 6 of them friends too. 

I haven’t been one to have loads of friends and a huge social circle ever, but I’m pretty sure not too long ago I had more friends then I do now and I’m not sure why or what has happened over a period of time for me to lose them. I know some things are circumstantial and a couple of friends I have lost through disagreements. I have tried to make things right but I think once those types of fallouts happen, there is never a way back to the friendship that once was. 

A couple of friendships that I had from school have now dissolved for a number of reasons and a really close friend of mine, I haven’t seen or spoken to properly in months because life is just getting in the way, but it feels like the friendship isn’t what it used to be because of how much time has passed. 

On my personal Facebook I have 502 friends…. However I’m not sure I could call them all friends, as I bet a good 90% of them I don’t actually talk to on a friend level, it’s more just an acquaintance type relationship we have. I am trying to use social media more to expand my circle and especially now I have started blogging I want to try and create a good relationship with other liked minded bloggers.

I did start to wonder if maybe the lack of friends that I have is something to do with me and maybe the type of friends I choose, my ability to be a good friend etc. I’m not on about having hundreds of friends just a nice amount that means that I always have people around me, who we can catch up with, go out with, talk to on regular occasions and build a solid, life long friendship with. 

I guess there isn’t really any point to this post, just that I am feeling a little lonely at times. 


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