Summer Holiday Fun 

I’m sat here at the park with my youngest and taking the opportunity that she is happy playing to write this post. I know I will probably get judged for this but it’s one of the only times I will have to post. It’s so hard during the summer holidays to actually have chance to sit and write. 
I am very lucky to have a job where I only work term time so that I don’t have to pay out childcare fees and that I am able to spend some quality time with the girls. 

Saying that we haven’t done anything spectacular over the summer, we haven’t been able to throw loads of money on days out etc but we have managed to spend quality time together. Luckily Brad took 2 weeks off so that meant that all four of us were together, which doesn’t happen much. 
We went to an indoor play centre, went an watched Finding Dory at the cinema with friends which we really enjoyed and so did the girls between there 10+ visits to the toilet each.

 The girls were also lucky enough to go on holiday with their Nanna, Grandad, Auntie and their cousins for a week and they had an absolute blast. None of the kids were bored and did loads like mini golf, swimming, a beach day and the fair. It’s the first time the girls have been away for that amount of time without me and I really thought I would struggle but I didn’t and much to my surprise the girls were fine with it too. Don’t get me wrong we obviously missed one another but none of us got really upset by it. 

 Myself and Brad kept ourselves busy and we even got a couple of days away too which was lovely. We travelled to Beverley on the Sunday and it was beautiful. We visited the Minster which I was in absolute awe of how magnificent the entire building was. I have always loved places like that ever since being a kid and I could of spent hours just walking round and discovering all the hidden gems of architecture. We found a nice pub with an outdoor area and sat and had a drink and just enjoyed the sunshine before heading back to the hotel and having our evening meal.  We went onto Hull on the Monday and had a great time exploring. We found a couple of museums that were really interesting, especially the transport museum. We also went into Hull with some friends for drinks. We went to a place called Roots which was full of lovely cocktails that had a stupid amount of rum in them. 

All in all our summer holidays haven’t been full of loads of days out etc but what we have done is create some great memories and that is all that matters to me, it’s not about how much money we can throw at them. Just another 2 weeks to go and the pair of them will be back to school and I will be back at work!! 


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