Weekly weigh in 


Well where do I start…… I left my slimming world group last week with such fire in my belly to get my half stone award. I was determined that I won’t fail at my third attempt of slimming world. I made sure I went shopping and got all the right things in to help me along the way. Myself and my friend were sending each other pictures of what we were eating, encouraging each other when we were feeling like pigging out on chocolate and crisps.

The whole week I was doing so well with plenty of speed foods and filling up on the foods that I know help you to lose weight.

That’s is just a few of things that I ate. I was really impressed when I made slimming world chips as even the girls liked them and they didn’t turn out soggy. I have added the method in case anybody is interested. It is from the official slimming world website.
My book has become my bible and I am forever referring to it for the syns of something or looking up different speed vegetables or fruits that I can try.

I must admit that once I got weighed I was really disappointed and actually wanted to stamp my feet with only a half pound loss, I know that Saturday and Sunday I didn’t do great but I had only gone over my syns slightly on the Saturday and I did have a Chinese on Sunday. I’m guessing that was probably my downfall and that was the difference between a great loss and what in my opinion is dismal.

I honestly could throw it all in right now as I feel so deflated and rubbish about myself for messing it up, there isn’t anybody to blame for this except me. However I know that the plan works so, I need to put on my big girl pants and start this week fresh, no cutting corners, no cheat meals or snacks and hopefully come out with a good loss next week.


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