Survival at its finest

We have managed the first week back to normality with school and work. I am so proud of the girls for how well they have both done this week.

The alarm has been set for between 6:30-7:00am every morning, no snoozing it, no over sleeping and none of us have been late for work or school. I always worry about this first week after the summer holidays, because every bit of organisation rapidly disappears in my household which means trying to get it back can be an utter nightmare. I was also worried with it being Emme-Mais first week at primary school.

Monday morning we had tears from pretty much the moment she got up, this was awful to see, but I stayed positive and kept reassuring her as much as I could with encouraging her that she would have lots of fun and make some lovely friends. I had to go back to work so Emme was with the childminder in the morning as our primary school does 2 weeks of half days before the children do full time in the third week. Emme sobbed her little heart out when I handed her to the childminder, it was heartbreaking to see, but being the type of parent I am, I told her I would see her later when I finished work and that I couldn’t wait t hear all about her first day, said how much i loved her kissed her and walked away. However let me just say this doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt and I ended up a blubbering wreck but I knew it wasn’t going to help Emme seeing her mummy like that. I had so much guilt for not doing the whole first day thing, but I couldn’t afford to have anymore time off work and I knew that Emme would be perfectly fine with Sarah.

I set off to work and on my way Sarah (childminder) sent me a picture of Emme who was smiling and giggling by the time they had git back to her house, which put my mind at ease and I was confident that Emme was going to have a great first day. I was so happy to finish work and hear all about her first day and I actually started to well up from seeing how happy she was. Needless to say the rest of the week has gone amazing and she is settling perfectly. Ava has really enjoyed being back to school and seeing all her friends again and embracing it.

I’m happy to be back at work and have structure back in my life as I function so much better with routine, don’t get me wrong having the summer off with the girls is great and I love spending quality time with them, however I was more than ready to have adult conversations and interaction again.


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