My world crashed and it was my fault

I feel like after being away from blogging for a while, that I am starting all over again from scratch. 

After having my world come crashing down around me, because of my own mistakes, I had to take a break and concentrate on what was important and that was rebuilding my family. The last six and a half weeks have been emotional, mentally and physically draining and demanding. Not only has it been tough for me (which was expected) it has taken its toll on my husband, friends and some of our family. 

This isn’t a post looking for sympathy or being shady about what happened and wanting attention, I just feel it’s the right time to come back to something that I love and to have some normality back. I am usually very open and honest with the things that I write about, however this certain situation has to be treated with caution which is why I am not making it public. 

I have thought long and hard about what I want to get from my blog and what I want to give to the readers (if I have any left after taking yet another break.) I came to the conclusion that making any sort of profit isn’t important. I write because I enjoy it and it’s become a place where I can vent my frustrations, share my most treasured moments, explain my mental health, show people my wonderful family and in general document my life. I think by writing honestly and openly, whoever reads my blog will get to know me and might even be able to relate to some of the things I have experienced. If there is one thing I have learnt over the years is that feeling like you are alone during situations is awful, and in actual fact many people have had similar experiences. 

If even just one person feels like they aren’t alone by reading my blog, then to me it is a success and to me that is the most important thing about my blog. 


11 thoughts on “My world crashed and it was my fault

  1. Although I dont know your reasons for taking a bloging break, it looks like your situation is similar to that which I found myself in earlier this year. When I came back to the blog a month or so ago I also decided money was not my goal in blogging, so I am too doing it for my own pleasure now. Far less pressure and far more enjoyable.

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    1. I love my blog and the fact that I made some really great friends through it, however I started to get disheartened when my stats dropped and I’m turn that made me worry that I wouldn’t get any opportunities from it. However deep down I don’t want money or to be recognised because of it, I just write because I enjoy it. I want to rebuild my circle of blogging friends and just continue to do something that brings me pleasure 🙂 x

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      1. I honestly don’t mind what my stats will be now. I would rather have genuine followers/readers and interact with them, rather than loads of comments etc from people who aren’t really interested x

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      2. I sometimes think I should, but then it’s all the reading, commenting etc that comes with it, and if I’m honest most of the posts that go into linkies I’m really not interested in reading x

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      3. Lol, imagine running a linky and having 50 posts your not that interested in to comment on 😂😂😂 (most them were cool to be fair)

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      4. Yeah I can only imagine. I know I should sometimes push to promote my blog more but I sometimes think if people want to read it, they will find it if that makes sense x

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